Astrology & Esoterism

Bild: Benebell Wen "Thoth - divine knowldge"

What is esoterism?

The esoteric part of a religion/philosophy concerns the deeper, hard-to-describe and often unexplained, part. Esoterism can be said to take over where the words become insufficient; thus it addresses the issues which the outer - exoteric - part of the religion cannot explain. If som different teachings serve as an example, we meet the exoteric part in e.g. the sermons of Jesus, in which people got comprehensible prescriptions, while the esoteric knowledge deals with e.g. what the christian creation myth in fact wants to tell us, what the Buddha meant with "nirvana" or what it means to become an immortal in Taoism. 

Garden of Feathers has esoteric knowledge as a foundation in all courses and educations. We have knowledge of Taoism, Buddhism and astrologic esoterism, as well as of kabbala (the esoteric branch of Judaism) and Hermeticism (the Egypt-based doctrine which today is fundamental in many spiritual schools). But it is not the case that various schools have different esoteric knowledge! On the contrary it is at this deeper level that all branches of the world finally unite. The big differences we see instead belong to the exoteric plane. Ultimately there is only one esoteric, objective truth, common to us all.


Humans have studied the planets and stars on the firmament since the dawn of time. The modern Western astrology is built upon the Hellenistic tradition, which in turn is derived from the 6.000 year old Babylonian astrology.

Astrology is a deeply esoteric science. Despite that - or maybe thanks to that! - astrology currently is getting a real boost; parts of the economic society has discovered the ancient knowledge and want to use it to find the best position of action in various situations. We at Garden of Feathers do find this very gratifying! 

If you are curious about how you through astrology can deepen your self-awareness and how you, based on your personal birth horoscope, can start acting in accordance with your unique conditions, you are welcome to our basic course.

Of course, you can also consult Susanne to set your birth horoscope - read more here!