Mental creation & attraction

Our mind possesses an astonishing power. In our time, we are about to regain that understanding. The resources are ready to be picked up, sharpened and used. 

The Swedish proverbs kaka söker maka ("cookie seeks spouse") and lika barn leka bäst ("equal children play best") refers to the fact that humans, things and occurrences attract what is most like them. The law of attraction is tightly intertwined with the karmic flow: as correct attraction creates desirable karma it is of utmost importance how we vibrate, which is the same as the status of the emotional energy we emit from our core. The law of attraction says that a person who vibrates of compassion and love, joy and satisfaction, tranquility and contentment will meet situations and other persons which give back the essence of that vibration. The one who, conversely, vibrates of annoyance, stress, frustration etc. will get more of such things in life - more situations that in turn create even more. 

With Garden of Feathers you will learn techniques that forcefully increase your ability to vibrate positively and thus create an upward life spiral. Among other things, we focus on: 

  • The theory of energy as the creator of our existence.
  • The role of Buddhist mindfulness in our creating processes.
  • Techniques to raise vibration. 
  • Techniques to maintain a high vibration. 
  • Techniques to create correctly.  
  • Techniques to avoid improper creation. 

The course name is "Mental creation, attraction and the relation to Buddhist mindfulness". It is always a part of our longer courses. It is also given as an optional supplementary course to the tarot and rune courses. Read more here!