With Garden of Feathers you can learn two different divination techniques: tarot cards (Susanne) and runes (Thorwald). These wisdom sources tell about the human life, existence, relations etc., and not least about her inner journey. They tell things that belong to the past, things that is, and things which we do not know exist yet. They give us priceless knowledge in our everyday life and at major crossroads. 

Irrespective of course you will get successive knowledge about the cards/runes and are given generously with time to practice spreads and interpretation techniques. As a complement you can also choose the course "Mental creation, attraction and the relation to buddhistic mindfulness" (read more here), in which chakra based internal energy practice is included (read more here). Tarot cards and runes want us to change our thoughts and actions, and in this complement course we go even deeper into that changing process.  


The 78 tarot cards is probably the most famous divination system in the world. The tarot deck is divided into the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (16 court cards and 40 numeric cards). Together, the cards cover every possible event and situation in life, from the big and transformative which are often revealed by the Major Arcana cards, to the every day occurrences which often relates to the Minor Arcana. 

In our tarot basic course you will learn:

  • The philosophy behind the tarot deck and how the cards are linked to the four elements and to numerology.
  • The meanings and the interpretations of the individual cards, and their symbolism. 
  • How to strenghten your relation to the cards. 
  • How the deck can be used to so much more than divination. 
  • How to make spreads. 
  • Correspondences to astrology and kabbala. 

The oldest tarot decks known (in the form we use today) come from 1500th century Milan. These few remaining decks are exclusive, hand painted playing cards. Nowadays, we have thousands of different decks to choose from, most of which are based on one of three main systems: Tarot de Marsielle (TdM), Raider Waite Smith (RWS) or Thoth. In the basic course we use the RWS system, and you will need your own RWS deck (it will be available for sale at cost price).

See the course lists for the next start! Of course, you can also consult Susanne to make a spread for you - read more here


"Runes" is a collection designation for what in fact are several old Northern European charsets. In this geographical area, the runes were used for writing and probably also for divination, and today they gain increasing popularity as a divination tool. The rune alphabet we work with during the course was used by all Germanic peoples and is known from at least the 5th century. It is usually called Futhark. In a context of divination it is also known as Uthark; a result of a shift in the order of the runes. The alphabet consists of 24 runes, with which we work with according to two highly different methods. 

See here when you can learn rune divination! Of course, you can also consult Thorwald to make a spread for you - read more here.